Blue Lakes Area

Lower and Upper Blue Lakes are nestled into a beautiful area. Many trails surround the area and the scenery is fantastic. Camping is available for a fee. No showers, but toilets and a water pump for drinking water. But you can also camp along the Blue Lakes road there are several inlets for wild camping areas. There is not a lot of free parking available along the lakes, but you can drive to lower Blue Lake where you can also find a trailhead and park you car for free if it is not too crowded. Along the Blue Lakes road you can go to Tamarack Lake there is a trailhead for the Pacific Crest Trail to the east and west. These trails are very fun and easy to hike between April and September you will meet all the people that are Pacific Crest Trail hikers.
(Famous trail approx. 2,600 mile trail from Mexico to Canada!)


From Highway 88 drive east, coming from Carson Pass. When you get down the hill you will turn right onto Blue Lakes Road, from there is about 10.5 miles to Blue Lakes. Hikes are available around the lakes. To get to the Pacific Crest Trail take the road toTamarack Lake ( before you get to Blue Lakes.) From there it is just a little down the road and you will see the trailhead to the PCT on the left hand side.

Easy to Difficult : Depening which of the trails you choose.

Dogs, Bikers, Horses allowed.

Terrain: Soft earthy grounds. Trails maintained.

Camping: Fee Camping by the Blue Lakes. If you want to to wild camping, you can find camping inlets all along the Blue Lakes road.

Trail Notes: Great for short or long hikes. Solitude, Meditation, Contemplation, Artists Heaven, Trees, Granite, Views, Lakes, Creeks, Granite Plateaus, Trees, many places to stroll, hike, fish. Several camp grounds. Fishing Access. Boat Access. Narrow Roads. Beauty and view incredible.


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”The clearest way into
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John Muir (1838-1914)

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J.W. von Goethe (1749-1832)