Granite Chief Wilderness - Five Lakes

We had a group of 13 explore this gorgeous trail on July 7th 2013.  The ages went from 2 and a half year old, who was on my back, to a 5 year old who hiked the whole way slowly, to my 9 year old who appears to be very nimble and quick.  The trail ascends the whole way approx. 1000 ft gain. The terrain mostly is in the open with stunning views of the backside of Squaw Valley and the surrounding mountains. As you traverse upward the footing becomes a little loose with decomposed granite and the shade becomes sparse. When reaching the top you have 5 lakes to explore. I swam for hours and had a nice lunch with friends and family. This was an amazing and challenging hike. I did complete it out and back with a 40-pound pack. I would say this trail is easy to moderate bordering more on moderate. (trail experience by Chris Ready)


From Highway 89 - Alpine Meadows Road/Deer Park Drive

Terrain: Trails maintained.

Trail Notes: Great for swimming.


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”The clearest way into
the universe is through
a forest wilderness.”
John Muir (1838-1914)

J.W. Von Goethe

Every moment Nature starts on the longest journey, and every moment she reaches her goal.

J.W. von Goethe (1749-1832)