Indian Creek Reservoir - Alpine County

Indian Creek Reservoir, we call it 'the place where desert and mountain meet.' The Indian Creek Reservoir is nestled in a beautiful valley. There a numerous walks you can do around the reservoir. You can find the trailhead to summit lake on the main road between the tent and rv campground. You will be gifted with fantastic views, but the trail can be challenging at times. There are some rocky areas. The trail is nicely shaded except the very last part to summit lake. Make sure you always have enough water with you, especially in the summer month. Bald Eagles, Osphreys and sometimes a Bear could be visitors in this area.


There is an interpetive trail in the beginning of the road to Indian Creek Reservoir and when you get to the campground you will find the trailhead to summit lake going up the hill. The trailhead is between the tent campground and the rv campground.

Easy to Moderate

Dogs allowed

Terrain: Earthy grounds, rocky in some area. The trail to summit lake is maintained but narrow at times.

Camping: Fee required for camping unless you camp on the other side of the lake.

Trail Notes: Great for short or long hikes, a run or just an afternoon stroll. Great views.


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