Lake Margaret Trail

We went on this hike on 7/14/2013. We had a large group. Our ages ranged from 2-40 years and we all did great.  This hike was AMAZING!!! It had a little of everything. The hike begins on a decent through some rock paths and opens into a gorgeous meadow (this is when the mosquito’s arrived lol) We continue through the meadow and follow Caple’s Creek for a while crossing some logs and traveling by ponds and rock faces that are fun to explore.  The trail is marked by cairns throughout and is relatively easy to stay on course.  I would say you descend most of the way there but it is pretty evenly distributed.  The ascension is usually against rocks with plenty of room for grip and hold. When you arrive at the lake you are placed in a position to jump off of some 15-foot high rocks into what seems like a bottomless lake. There is not much room to relax in the shade and although there weren’t very many people it did seem crowded with the size of our group. This shore is not so safe for the little ones and there is not much room to wade out. The scenery was spectacular in every aspect. This trail was gorgeous. (trail experience by Chris Ready)

From Highway 88 - Kirkwood - trailhead on the left right before you get to Caples Lake.

Easy to Moderate

Dogs, Bikers, Horses allowed.

Terrain: Soft earthy grounds. Trails maintained.

Trail Notes: Great for short or long hikes. Solitude, Meditation, Contemplation, Artists Heaven, Trees, Granite, Views.


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”The clearest way into
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a forest wilderness.”
John Muir (1838-1914)

J.W. Von Goethe

Every moment Nature starts on the longest journey, and every moment she reaches her goal.

J.W. von Goethe (1749-1832)