Submit your Hiking Trails / Wilderness Experience

Submission of Wilderness Experience

Please send your wilderness story to You are welcome to share your name. If you rather stay anonymous, please note that in your email. You can send us a picture related to your story. The picture should be in .jpg format and a minimum of 490 pixels in width and 368 pixels in heights.

You are also welcome to share any knowledge about the wilderness. Edible plants, herbs etc. Anything that will educate people about the wilderness. How to live in it and respect it when we are out there.

We publish wilderness stories related to North America and Canada. The story will be read before published. There are specific limitations to submissions. If such limitations apply to your story we will notify you with email.

Submission of Hiking Trail

For Hiking Trails submissions please email a maximum of 7 pictures in .jpg format and 490 pixels in width and 368 pixels in heights (minimum). Area and location and a brief description. Any special notes you would like to add are welcome.

Thanks for sharing your adventures with all the visitors! Happy Trails!


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”The clearest way into
the universe is through
a forest wilderness.”
John Muir (1838-1914)

J.W. Von Goethe

Every moment Nature starts on the longest journey, and every moment she reaches her goal.

J.W. von Goethe (1749-1832)